A Documented Life

My book, A Documented Life is a compilation of short stories that encapsulates love, loss, career, self-care, starting over, and lessons learned along the way to living a richer, more dynamic, authentic life.

I found myself twice-divorced in my forties – starting over financially and working to create a space and self that I own. Despite having a Ph.D., and a long sales career in corporate America, a series of events catapulted me into one of my lowest point leaving no aspect of my life untouched. It’s been a humbling experience – one in which I journeyed through anger, confusion, helplessness, fears, and tears only to emerge transformed –

I share these stories because it is seldom that our stories are ours alone and that we are here to learn from each other. For those of us whose journey does not come neatly packaged, we are not damaged, and we have not failed at living a life of value and purposeI hope that in your journey to self-actualization, love, and acceptance you never question your value during times of difficulty – instead recognize that the mountains you climb are part of your evolution. 

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