The CEO/Founder

Dr. Patricia Luckoo is a Community Psychologist whose work focuses on advancing the lives of Black women and girls through ethnic identity development. 

Patricia is a passionate advocate for improving the lives of black women, girls and other minority groups disenfranchised by systemic injustice around race, class, sex and gender biases. She integrates 15-plus years’ leadership experience as a business executive in the corporate sector with advanced communication skills, and community psychology studies.  

Patricia’s dissertation, “Deconstructing Negative Stereotypes, Myths and Microaggression About Black Women: Reconstructing Black Women’s Narrative, Identity and The Empowering Nature of Ethnic Identity,” theorizes that microaggressions towards Black women pose serious harm to their overall psychological sense of self-efficacy and empowerment. However, ethnic identity has within it the resource to combat microaggressive attitudes.

Patricia has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from Benedictine University (2012), Master’s in Written Communication from National Louis University (2014) and a Ph.D. in Community Psychology (2018).   


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