Confronting Racial Discrimination in White Corporate America –


The Beginning – September 21, 2017

Imagine, if you will, being one of two Black women working in a division comprised of over 90% white men. One day, one of your co-workers referred to Black football players who kneel during the National anthem as “Monkey see, monkey do,” You called out his insensitive racist comment, he defended it, and you filed a complaint with HR.

One week passed, then two, every time you checked in with HR, they tell you that they are investigating. You are told one thing behind a closed door, that is not acknowledged in writing. You get generic emails that they will let you know when they have something to report. Three weeks, still no update. The co-worker who made the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ remark shows up to work every day as if nothing had happened, and by all outward appearance, nothing did.

Imagine being that Black woman who filed the complaint…

I am her. And this is only the beginning of what
has been a horrifying ordeal with this issue beginning September 21, 2017. And so this story shall continue….