Racism in The Workplace

In a climate thick with racial conflicts, the ability to deal with racism is not a problem that we can ignore. I have thought long and hard about my experience at VERIZON/ Fleetmatics. In September 2017, I filed a racial discrimination complaint against one of my co-workers who used a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ remark about Black football players kneeling in protest of racial discrimination and police brutality against Black people. Not long after, I learned that another co-worker referred to me as a ‘dumb nigger bitch’. I requested an investigation into that incident as well. Verizon/Fleetmatics eventually fired me. My co-workers who made the racist remarks were kept on staff. The adverse impact of speaking out has been life-changing. The situation made me realize that speaking out against racial discrimination in today’s climate can come at a serious cost. However, the realization strengthened my conviction of the necessity to speak against racial injustice. We cannot afford to be silent. Black people’s against racism perpetuates and helps to preserve the marginalization and oppression of the population.y

My reason for complaining was simple – let’s address racism so that we can at least attempt to understand the issue better- and hopefully – have a shot at resolving some of the race-related problems that we face. Not addressing racism when they occur is a missed opportunity that weakens the work-place community – and creates a space to continue on an insidious course where people think that it’s ok to express their racist ideologies that demean, belittles, and inflicts harm to others – without consideration and accountability.

Indeed, the topic of racism is a hot issue that many do not want to face – yet avoidance is no longer an option to deal with racial discrimination effectively. If we create the space to have open, honest conversations about race-related conflicts – it might be the opportunity that we all need to learn about others from a different ethnic background and ourselves. A compelling argument can be made here that despite America being a melting pot of diversity – many whites lack exposure to – and a broader perspective of other ethnic groups that is necessary for us to move toward a more equitable future for everyone. James Baldwin, said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

I thought that the below article was worth sharing. 

Workplace Race Issues Can Be Solved IF We Address Them Openly and Honestly



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